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Piranha Lite

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Be Heard And Seen
With Piranha Lite

Lights for MEWPs


Piranha Safety’s team of engineers and electricians went quickly to work to create an effective off the shelf solution for identifying a safe working perimeter for Genie/Terex scissor lifts. The Piranha Lites make the use of a scissor lift or almost any AWP/MEWP safer for those working around the lift, but also for the operator.

Per OSHA, companies are required to provide a minimum of two lumens per square foot in areas with heavy equipment in use. Also referred to as foot-candles, lumens are calculated by the wattage of light fixtures used versus the square footage of an area.

Operation of heavy equipment outdoors must also be considered. Working multiple shifts or production during the winter season or early on a site may leave your operator without sunlight. Piranha Lites can help make those operating and working around the moving machinery safer while also helping the operator avoid running into equipment, buildings, etc…

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piranha lite safety lights for MEWPs
made in USA patented
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