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The Ultimate In Safety

If you are passionate about innovation as we are, then you will love to learn that the Pro-Lox was originally designed for dogs.


Eric Moran, an avid lover of dogs, came up with the original locking device for use in the pet industry.


Since that time, the versatility of the Piranha Lox evolved into to new channels such as safety, but the original is still sold today throughout the pet industry.​

Pro Lox locking device in use for pet dogs

The Tool Caddy with Pro-Lox is an effective way to manage your small hand tools whether using a boom or scissor lift. It is also a great way to transport your tools from one location to another. The carrying handle folds down for use with a rag or other items.

Pro Lox safety product motion demo
Pro Lox locking device originally designed for dogs

The Pro-Lox comes in a convenient 5pack so that you can attach several pieces of equipment to a variety of different locations.

  • Steel

  • Wood

  • Concrete

  • Metal

Patent# 7,077,372

Patent# 7,261,264

Patent# 2,526,823

made in USA patented
elevated pet bowl background.webp
pro-lox d ring secure your tools that hang

The Pro-Lox D-ring accessory is a great and easy way to secure your tools that hang. Attach the Pro-Lox to any stable surface.

Pro Lox secure your fire extinguisher to any solid surface

Secure your fire extinguisher quickly to almost any solid surface.

Pro Lox D Ring motion demo - securely attach tools and equipment

Being the innovator that Piranha Safety is, we took the early technology of the locking device and expanded its usefulness among a variety of new applications. The Pro-Lox is a great way to securely attach a variety of tools and equipment.

Pro Lox holds a load of  up to 1200 lbs

The Pro-Lox has been tested to hold a load of up to 1200 lbs. Made in the U.S.A., this accessory can do so much

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