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Piranha Blox

An intelligent self-retracting device with a lockout tagout interlock system to prevent platform operation with being safely connected

Piranha Lox

A lockout tagout interlocking system that identifies the proper and safe connection of a worker before allowing the operation of a platform.

The XRail

A raising and lowering perimeter guardrail system that creates a safe and functional safety barrier.

Brick Skid

A zero-emissions explosion proof light tower built to withstand nearly any outdoor conditions.

Ravenous Innovation & Award Winning Design

Piranha Safety is a division of Control Dynamics Inc.

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The Piranha Blox

The Piranha Blox is an industry FIRST intelligent self retracting lifeline. Ideal for powered platforms and order pickers that are commonly found in warehouses and other industrial applications.

The Piranha Lox

The Piranha Lox is an industry FIRST intelligent anchorage connector. The Piranha Lox allows for safer use of powered platforms such as Mobile Elevated Work Platforms.


The XRail is a perimeter guardrail system that raises and lowers, creating a safe and flexible barrier for safety at height. It’s available in different lengths and heights.

The BodyLight

The 1st 3rd party certified explosion proof personal light. The BodyLight is rechargeable, durable, and comes with a variety of attachments for added flexibility.

Pipe Rack

A simple and effective MEWP accessory that allows large and small pipes to be securely attached. The Pipe Rack quickly attaches to a variety of scissor lifts and is approved for use with many brands.

Piranha Lites

The Piranha Lites are a great safety feature for MEWP’s. Visually alert those working around a lift as well as providing the operator added safety. It easily attaches to the scissor lift without penetrating the frame.

Piranha Safety specializes in designing innovative safety solutions. With over seven patents, including international, Piranha Safety has developed products for aerospace giants such as Boeing. Many of our products have won design excellence awards. Our team takes great pride in solving unique problems that will make workers safer and more productive.