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Piranha Blox

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Innovation Not Imitation

Piranha Safety in partnership with

Reliance Fall Protection has developed the industry first intelligent self retracting lifeline. The Piranha Blox was developed to provide greater mobility while eliminating the chance that a worker can operate a powered platform without utilizing their fall arrest equipment.

  • Quickly attaches to any powered platform

  • Class I, Div I tested by the U.S. Army in accordance with MILSTD 810G

  • Class A, Z359.14 Compliant Self Retracting Lifeline, arresting fall within 24 inches.

  • Tested by a 3rd Party 17025 accredited laboratory

  • Meets OSHA 1910 and 1926 standards

  • 310lbs rating

  • Patent pending

  • Available from 20ft to 60ft lengths

  • Custom sizes available

Make the use of powered platforms safer by using Piranha Blox. Until the Piranha Blox, workers could use a powered platform without being properly tied off. The Piranha Blox eliminates that exposure and is the ultimate in protection of unauthorized or improper use of the equipment.

Piranha Blox intelligent self retracting lifeline
pirahna safe connection enables the equipment
made in USA patented
Piranha Blox safety product information

Piranha Blox Information

Please note some of the audio on this clip is fainter than usual & will affect captioning for accessibility

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