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No Limitations with Ravenous Projects


Before and After

Another successful installation of our XRail! This is an ideal picture demonstrating how the XRail improves the work space. The lower rail is the past, the upper is the future. The upper image shows the simplicity that is the XRail, clean, hands free movement with the push of a button and the system sits flush with the floor, optimizing the work space.


Award Winning Design

Notice the rails on this particular project. Looking closely, you can see how the XRail sits flush with the floor. Meeting OSHA requirements, there is nothing on the market like the XRail.


Simple Design

We completed a new install of the XRail which allowed our client to access control panels and maintain the area with complete flexibility of movement. Simple installation, the XRail is the ultimate in effective safety systems.


Status Quo?

On this particular project, Eric Moran, owner of Piranha Safety, and the team of dedicated craftsman installed a skeletal XRail system as weight was a major concern. Operated with hydraulic controls, this system could raise and lower to the precise level where protection was required.