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What makes us ravenous innovators…


Piranha Safety evolved out of a business who established a stellar reputation as an electrical contractor in the aerospace industry. The owner of Piranha Safety started his journey in 1994. At that time, under Control Dynamics, Inc., he made his living providing unique solutions with a heightened focus on customer service. If there was a problem that needed a solution, CDI would take it on. CDI’s fortitude and grit helped to propel many of the innovations that are being used by companies such as Boeing.

Piranha Safety was created to bring many unique safety solutions to market that make the workers safer, companies safer, and everyone more productive. From our grassroots, we understand what it is like to work in the field, trying to get the job done, with only the tools you have. With that mindset, our team has developed award winning solutions being used by not only the largest aerospace company in the world, but the largest MEWP companies as well. Our innovations continue to evolve as we work to push the boundaries of the norms.

​With our strong passion for designing solutions that work, our team is committed to develop practical answers to your safety challenges. We provide design, engineering, and fabrication solutions that address many aspects of the industrial and construction environments where workers are at risk for being injured. The Piranha Safety team invites you to explore the many technical bulletins and product solutions we have featured on our site.